Program Qualifications

Applicants of the Habitat for Humanity Capital Region Homeownership Program must meet and follow specific qualification guidelines. Below are the basic requirements for our program. Read on to see if you qualify.

Need for Housing

You must be living in housing that is inadequate in some way. This might mean your current place is:

  • overcrowded
  • in poor repair
  • unsafe or unhealthy
  • overpriced and unaffordable
  • poorly maintained by the landlord
  • poorly insulated and has high heating bills

If you are living with friends or relatives or are homeless or in transitional housing, those situations are also inadequate.

Willingness to Partner

You must show a willingness to partner by meeting all deadlines during the application process, attending all required events, classes, and meetings, and completing all 200-400 sweat equity hours before moving into the home. Sweat equity includes time spent helping to build your own and other homes in the program, going to classes that prepare you for homeownership, and other approved volunteering.

Ability to Pay

You must show that you are able to pay for your home by proving you manage debt and finances successfully and are able to save $3,000 for closing costs. Automatic denials include a bankruptcy or foreclosure less than two years ago, an open judgment or a tax lien, a credit score below 550, and excessive collections.  

You must prove you have reliable income within our guidelines.

Household Size

Income Range


$24,800 – $49,600


$28,320 – $56,640


$31,880 – 63,760


$35,400 – $70,800


$38,240 – $76,480


$41,080 – $82,160


$43,920 – $87,840


$46,760 – $93,520

*This is for illustration purposes only.
The calculation of income will include earnings by all members of the household as well as other sources of verifiable and reliable income.