Sharla Receives Keys to New Home

March 25, 2022

Habitat for Humanity has been a part of Sharla’s life for a long time. She helped her children’s aunt, who is a Habitat Homeowner herself, by doing sweat equity at her Habitat house over a decade ago. Now, due to her determination and perseverance, Sharla is making homeownership a reality for her own family.

Sharla has been working towards this moment for a long time. She applied to the Homeownership Program years ago and again in 2020 but did not qualify due to financial barriers. After working hard to build her credit, she reapplied to the program a third time and qualified.

When asked what drove her to keep applying after her first attempts, she said, “There were two reasons: my children.” Sharla and her two children have been living with family for the past four years, and although the family’s home is welcoming, there is just not enough personal space for them to remain as permanent guests.

On a cold day in March, Sharla’s family, friends, new neighbors, and a whole community of Habitat Capital Region supporters gathered at her finished home for a traditional Habitat Home Dedication Ceremony. The home was blessed by the people in attendence and Sharla's great achievment was celebrated. There, Sharla was presented with the keys to her new home before moving in this spring.

Now, in a home of their own, Sharla's family will all have their own bedrooms and space to work, grow, and play together. They are especially excited to enjoy their new big backyard and have friends and family over this summer. “My children and I are looking forward to enjoying years spent together, making memories in a place that we can now call our own!” she said.

HFHCR_Sharla family jumping on front porch of Habitat home (1).jpg
Sharla and her kids "jump for joy" on the front porch of their new home.
HFHCR_Sharla holding up the keys to her home.jpg
Sharla is presented with the keys to her new home at her Home Dedication Ceremony.