A New Roof over Anita’s Head

April 14, 2022

Habitat Capital Region Repair Program_Anita_2022 (1).jpg

Anita has lived in her home in Dansville for nearly twenty years. Five years ago, her roof developed a significant leak in the master bedroom. The roof needed to be replaced at that time, but she could not afford the work. Instead, she had the leak patched.

The patch lasted for a couple of years, until another section of the roof began to leak. She didn’t fully understand how serious the situation was until the ceiling drywall collapsed into her home. “I had container totes rigged up with plastic sheets and duct tape to catch the water when it rained,” she said.

Anita lived this way for nearly two years. Living on a single income, she was not able to cover the cost of a total roof replacement. She applied for repair assistance through several government agencies, but nothing came through. “It was a real drain on my psyche. It was embarrassing. I didn’t want anyone coming to the house.”

Then Anita learned about Habitat Capital Region’s Repair Program. We were able to replace her roof last October and make her home a safe place to live again.

When asked what this repair means for her future, Anita said, “It means that I don’t have to worry about the black mold and the ceiling collapsing, or having to lose my home... This was a thousand pounds off my shoulders.”