Pre-application Worksheet

In order to apply for Habitat for Humanity’s program, you must complete an application, which is used to determine if you qualify for the program. It asks questions to help you see if your financial and housing situations meet the requirements for need and ability to pay as well as checks your willingness to partner with us to build or rehab a home. Please review the qualifications for the program to get a better idea of whether you might qualify.

Before you can get a full application at Applicant Orientation, you should fill out the Pre-application Worksheet, which gives Habitat a glimpse of your potential to qualify for the program. Please fill out the worksheet below. Remember, this is not an application to the program. If  you have questions about the form or the program, please contact Talonda at (517) 374-1313 x 109.

Please let us know how you most recently heard about the Habitat Capital Region homeownership program.

If none, answer 0

If you are not currently paying rent, answer 0

If salaried, what is the monthly salary. Is the job seasonal or year round?

If salaried, what is the monthly salary. Is the job seasonal or year round?

Please tell us how much you and/or your co-applicant get monthly for any of the following sources of income: SSI, SSD, pension, food assistance, cash assistance, child support*, alimony*, or other.

*You are not required to include child support or alimony in your qualifying income, but you may choose to do so.

Homeownership Program Qualifications

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