Ramp Crew Celebrates Construction of 800th Ramp

Nov. 26, 2019

Habitat for Humanity Capital Region Ramp Crew Celebrates the Construction of its 800th Ramp

“It makes fundamental changes in someone’s life when they have independent freedom of access to their own homes,” - Vicki Hamilton-Allen Habitat Capital Region CEO

LANSING, MI (November 15, 2019) — The Habitat for Humanity Capital Region Ramp Crew is proud to announce that on Friday, November 15, 2019 they built their 800th accessibility ramp in the Capital Region. The ramp was built in Lansing for a disabled senior who bought his home 20 years ago. “[The ramp] will be a blessing and a gift,” said the homeowner. “It will be like Thanksgiving and Christmas all at once”.

Habitat Capital Region has an amazing Ramp Crew of dedicated volunteers who have been working to help local people create safer and easier access to their homes for over 25 years. The current Ramp Crew consists of 13 dedicated men and women and has had over 30 regular volunteers since it began.

“The commitment of the entire crew is second to none. They have spent decades building the gift of freedom and independence for many in our community who have not had access in or out of their own homes,” said Habitat Capital Region CEO, Vicki Hamilton-Allen.

“We’ve worked with people who have not been physically able to leave their house in 2 years,” said Ramp Crew Leader, Ed Brown. Brown has been building ramps with Habitat Capital Region since1994. Since then, he and the Ramp Crew have donated over 45,000 hours of their time building more than 30 ramps a year. “It is all worth it when you see the expression on someone’s face when they roll out of their house on their own for the first time,” said Brown. “What I really enjoy as much as anything is just meeting the clients. I’ll spend hours talking to people and learning their stories because I think it’s important”.

Habitat Capital Region’s Ramp Program serves people in Eaton and Ingham counties. Applications can be found at or by calling the Habitat Capital Region office at 517-374-1313.