Top 3 Habitat ReStore Tips from Bill

Sept. 15, 2021

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Bill is a handyman, DIYer, and a hobby artist, who has been a regular in the Lansing Habitat ReStore for over 20 years.

Bill and his wife, Sue, have remodeled every room in their home many times over and they always check the ReStore when they have a new project in mind. They also restore old furniture and have several shops in antique stores around the area.

He says that his weekly visits are essential to finding the best deals and treasures that come through the store. According to Bill “if you only stop in once a month, you’ll miss out”.

The low cost of materials is the ReStore’s biggest benefit for Bill. He is self-taught and says that trial and error is how he has learned everything he knows. According to him, when you shop at the ReStore, “you ain’t out nothing if it don’t work”.

Bill’s advice for anyone thinking about starting a new DIY project is to just go for it. “If you don’t have a blueprint, you can’t mess up,” he says.

Top 3 Habitat ReStore Tips from Bill

  1. Stop at the ReStore regularly to get the best deals and most unique finds. Bill recommends weekly visits.
  2. Just go for it! Bill want's aspiring DIYers to try, try, try again. That's how you learn and when you shop at the ReStore, you aren't out anything if it doesn't work.
  3. Don't just look when you need something specific. You can find the perfect thing that you didn't know you needed at any time!
Blog_ReStore_sheds constructed entirely from ReStore materials.jpg

Bill constructed each of these sheds entirely out of materials he bought at the Lansing Habitat ReStore.

What is Habitat ReStore?

Habitat ReStore is a place where you can find everything AND the kitchen sink.

Habitat ReStore is a thrift store for new and used building materials, appliances, furniture, household goods, and more. Each ReStore is locally owned and operated by Habitat for Humanity affiliates to create sustainable funding for the mission of building homes, communities, and hope.

In addition to being a place for community members to shop, Habitat ReStore is also the perfect place to donate your high-quality items that need a new, loving home.

Drop your donations off Tuesday-Saturday during business hours, or schedule a large donation pickup at