Open Positions

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Construction Site Intern

Habitat Denver construction internships focus on a flexible balance between hands-on field work, leadership assignments, management roles, and optional special research projects. These positions offer in-house and third-party trainings as well as valuable worksite experience for students, graduates, and professionals aiming to increase their skillsets and employability. These internships are unpaid and part-time with flexible schedules. Learn more about how these positions are designed for students and busy professionals.

To apply:

Please review the Construction Site Intern Position Description and submit your Construction Site Intern Application, along with a one-page resume and cover letter, to the CLSP Specialist.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for spring and summer 2015 positions. 


Volunteer Crew Leader

Are you interested in leading small groups of volunteers on one specific task? Are you looking for comprehensive training and a fulfilling worksite experience? Our Crew Leaders get hands-on training to help teach, lead, and build on our townhome, single family ranch, and Critical Home Repair sites!

We are beginning with three tasks:

  • Volunteer Drywall Crew Leader 
  • Volunteer Interior Trim Leader
  • Volunteer Siding Crew Leader

To apply:

Please review the Crew Leader Position Description and fill out the Crew Leader Application. We ask all applicants to volunteer at least three times on a current new construction site, so please print and bring with you the Letter of Recommendation form, to be filled out by the Habitat Denver staff supervisor of your choice.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and offer assignments as soon as they become available.  

Questions, concerns? Ask the CLSP Specialist!


Upcoming Positions:


Volunteer Crew Leader: Framing specialty

Framing Crew Leaders will lead volunteers during framing stages of home construction--from initial wall layout to sheathing the roof.

Skilled Volunteer

Skilled Volunteers will act as just that -- the skilled labor on specialty tasks from framing and siding through drywall and interior trim. Rather than leading volunteers, our Skilled Volunteers will select a task and work on our specialized crews as the skilled help on the more involved and technical tasks.


If you are interested in any of these upcoming positions please email the CLSP Specialist to be notified when we post them!