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The Construction Leadership Support Program at Habitat Denver offers three benefits especially important to active students and professionals with part-time work.


Flexibility of Schedule

Whether it’s a full class load or part-time work, you’ve got a busy schedule. We’re happy to work with you and arrange your schedule here at Habitat around those prior commitments to make sure you still get the training and on-site experience you need. We have assignments available Monday through Saturday, 8:30 to 5:00, with the flexibility to undertake some special research assignments while working off-site.


Adaptability of Assignments

There is no shortage of work to be done, and we work as a real team to do it. That means that we have opportunities to get your hands dirty in the field, swinging a hammer, learning firsthand the technical skills and performing some of the fulfilling work that goes into building homes. We have leadership roles that put you in charge of small teams of workers—teaching, leading, and inspecting their work. And we have management roles that put you in charge of the site logistics, materials organization, safety compliance, and quality assurance inspections that your next employer wants to see. Most importantly, we’re willing to work with you to balance these opportunities and tailor your experience and responsibilities specifically to your career development goals.


Fulfilling Work

We are not going to waste your time. An internship is supposed to be about training and real-world experience, and that’s exactly what our positions offer. As an organization built on the foundations of volunteer labor, we know that providing meaningful work directly impacting the home’s progress is the best way to engage the community and all of the people that come together to build with us. As an intern making a significant time commitment to our program, you’ll be assigned the technical tasks that fit your strengths and goals, and all tasks and responsibilities will directly impact our immediate construction progress as well as our long-term construction process. You'll be working under the direct guidance and supervision of our construction staff--but there’s no fetching copies or coffee, here.


Most importantly, you are not “just an intern.”

Our full-time Construction Support Program Specialist has one focus: this support program and you, as its workforce. Our goal is to build a successful program, and to do that our biggest priority is ensuring that our interns and support volunteers all have a positive, meaningful, and productive experience.


Interested in Applying?

Please review the Construction Site Intern Position Description.

Interested candidates please fill out the Construction Site Intern Application.

Please send application, one-page resume, and cover letter to:

Amy Anselm

Construction Leadership Support Specialist

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

3245 Eliot St

Denver, CO 80211


If you have any questions about applying as a Construction Site Intern, please don’t hesitate to contact us.